Time and Labor Management

Reduce labor costs and improve employee attendance with Time and Labor Management solutions by TruPay. Time and labor requires constant attention. Labor can be your biggest asset and your largest expense. With TruPay, you will have efficient and flexible time and labor management solutions that provide oversight and accurately records your employee’s time worked. TruPay’s internet based time and labor management system will increase speed and improve accuracy. Want to optimize your time and labor investment? Look no further than TruPay.

Designed to save time

It’s finally here. A time and labor management system that actually saves you time by eliminating manual calculations, administrative tasks and empowering your staff to more effectively manage their employees. From punch-in to paycheck, the simplicity of our solutions will allow you to do more with less.

Tailored to meet your needs

Whatever the size and needs or your organization, TruPay offers a full-featured, scalable time and labor management system designed to automate employee time tracking and scheduling. With TruPay, frontline decision makers within your organization can optimize the utilization of labor resources and more effectively manage your company’s most valuable resource.

Attendance on Demand

time and labor managementincluded features

Employee Self Service

You can save valuable time and resources by empowering employees to enter and review their time and attendance information online using the Employee Self Service (ESS) option in Attendance on Demand. Employees can use ESS from their PC or from a shared kiosk. No client software is required since ESS uses browser based components.

Supervisor / Team Leader Self Service 

Supervisors, managers, and executives perform activities such as scheduling, correcting time cards, budgeting time off and labor expenses, and managing their employee attendance using an Internet connection and a separate, secure dashboard view created just for them.

Data Collection

TruPay offers a broad range of data collection methods with "mix and match" options to suit your environment, your data collection requirements and types of employees that will be using the system.  Data collection options include Biometric, Barcode, Proximity, Telephony and Web Punch.

From the first payroll …

You will never look back. With TruPay as your partner, you will experience a commitment and dedication to service excellence and accuracy, giving you the ultimate customer experience.

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