Tax Credits Services

Take Advantage of Incentives

How can TruPay be even more valuable to your organization? Simple. By offering integrated tax credit services that allow you to easily benefit from every employment tax advantage available to your organization. Tax credits that you might not have known even existed, and that add up to billions of dollars a year in unclaimed incentives at both the federal and state level.

Through our partnership with RetroTax, a leading tax recovery provider, we offer an integrated service that is easy to use and can erase 86% of the necessary paperwork. The service works on a contingency fee basis, so there is no financial risk to you. And it’s flexible to meet your company’s needs, with several processing options and real-time reporting.

With up to 20% of new hires qualifying for tax credits that can reach as high as $9,000 per hire, we invite you to experience the savings that result from tax reductions and in some cases tax elimination.


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