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Employers want a benefits administration solution that works with their overarching business strategy. InspireHCM takes into account the need to provide fast, high-quality data to insurance and retirement program providers. Our solution also increases efficiency by reducing the resources needed to administer benefits programs, while reducing exposure to compliance-related issues relating to complex legislation. By simplifying and automating the benefits administration process, InspireHCM helps organizations reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Our benefits administration solution automates manual, paper-based benefits processes, reducing the resources and hours previously spent on tedious benefits administration tasks
  • InspireHCM’s carrier connection ensures critical data and updates get to insurance carriers and retirement program providers quickly, accurately and without manual or redundant processes
  • Paperless, open enrollment and employee self service portal reduces the time and energy required to enroll and educate your workforce
  • Ongoing employee monitoring to assist with employment status determination and automated form filing helps to insulate and protect employers from fines and penalties


    Control Payroll Costs & Increase Productivity With InspireHCM


    Effectively Manage Your Workforce From Hire To Retire With InspireHCM

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