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What is the Giveback Effect?

This program is designed specifically for TruPay’s non-profit clients. The non-profit industry thrives on passion, commitment, goodwill – and we support that mission. TruPay would like to extend our support to you through the use of the Giveback Effect.

This unique opportunity not only allows TruPay to giveback to your non-profit as a way to say thank you, but it enables those within your community to do the same as well. The Giveback Effect also promotes corporate social responsibility. By working with TruPay, it provides other organizations a chance to also giveback to you.


How Does it Work?

The Giveback Effect is a pledge from TruPay to donate 10% of your monthly payroll service fees to your non-profit.


Grow your Giveback

Expand your reach to board members and their employers. Let them know the value of choosing TruPay. If they engage with our payroll services, we will also donate 10% of their monthly payroll services fess to your non-profit. The Giveback Effect could have many tiers – linked through your non-profit and TruPay!

It's always a good time to pay it forward.