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December 20, 2023

Some people love making lists. Sure, there’s a little hit of satisfaction as items are crossed off, but psychologists say that even having the list made can help reduce anxiety. What’s more, simply having created a detailed list helps you reach the goals you’ve outlined. Performance improves with this kind of structure. On the individual level, little lists and scattered notes might work. For an organization with multiple stakeholders, you want to find the best performance management software available. 

The best software will set you up for success. Streamlined and robust, it can tidy chaotic structures, saving time and money. In turn, legible processes allow goal-setting based on accurate assessments of what works. Those good decisions will ultimately impact the strategic direction of the enterprise as a whole. From top-down project management to time tracking and exit packages, great performance management software can help make your company one that employees would gladly nominate for those Best Places to Work awards. 

Streamline and Protect

Whether simple or complex, managing team projects can be tough, and miscommunication can happen, which leads to longer timelines and mistakes. Simplified workflows can alleviate or eliminate these issues through automated systems. With the right solution, employees can complete paperwork and forms in a paperless environment, submitting more quickly and decluttering their office space. Adaptable employee management software helps reduce costly redundancies and connects the dots between team members. The best tools will also protect the privacy of your records. You’ll even see better compliance for your business as you track the things that your legal team – or HR manager – suggest you store for reporting or potential legal issues. With automated record-keeping and storage, security becomes easier than tossing a document in the shredder. 

Hire with Ease

The best management software also makes it easier to recruit, from creating a job requisition to posting positions on the most valuable job boards to screening prospective employees. You’ll fill new positions faster than before and spend less time looking for qualified applicants because an automated process can quickly search through applications and resumes to find the best fit for your labor pool. Better talent management allows you to collect and store data on applicants and allows you to see who you attract and how to diversify that pool with valuable insights. 

Stay Connected

Nobody wants to play telephone. People feel better when they know their mission. For both employees and managers, defined goals are critical to a project’s success. They help chart a course and document the journey towards your goal. Calculable headway encourages ownership of job performance and rewards results. As you track your completion and progress on different levels, you create more space for teams to coordinate. Headway is made more efficiently, and teams get communication faster, moving forward more quickly. Any issues that arise can be tackled with greater speed too.

Look for tools that let you establish goals at multiple levels, include sub-tasks, and help cascade them out to responsible players, saving time and improving clarity. 

Trupay offers a number of solutions to help you create and track corporate, group, and individual performance with custom targets and metrics. Forget scrambling to catch up, too. Trupays performance and productivity tracking include alerts and reminders, too, helping everyone orient themselves to where they are in the larger project or task. 

Compensate to Motivate

Pro tip: Don’t forget to look for tools to set employee categories and link them to compensation limits and equitable pay structures that make sense for your company. Records and easily retrievable historical views are like a cheat sheet for organizational decision-making. 

Many employers offer advances on an employee’s paycheck, pushing a manual check through when they deem it safe and beneficial to both parties. The employee gets paid early, and the employer retains a valuable worker. Pay-on-demand services through TruPay can automate this process, accepting requests for early pay and then recouping those funds from paychecks during the periodic payroll process. 

Time & Management 

Great employee management software will often come in a package offering much more. Scheduling is one of those extras. While posted paper schedules are still handy for many industries, modern organizations also offer digital schedules and schedule creation. With easy-to-access and easy-to-update calendars, your managers can roll out timetables quickly and smoothly. Those plans can help you keep labor costs in mind and plan for budgets, comparing them to payroll processes too. Employees can even check on their accruals for paid time off (PTO) and request that time through the app as well. These self-service features free your team up from checking balances on demand and allow them to approve requests digitally as well. Even unpaid PTO, such as leave granted under the Family Medical Leave Act, can be tracked with the best software for managing employees. 

We can’t tell you what to measure. Ideally, your employees help create their own performance goals. This increases buy-in and ownership over their set tasks. Either way, employees will be evaluated based on criteria the business values. Once those are set, the time savings are often well worth the investment into a centralized hub for employee management software. To learn more about the additional ways TruPay can help facilitate streamlined processes for your busy enterprise or to ask more questions about topics we’ve mentioned, contact us today!

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