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We'll share conversations with industry experts as we give insight into workforce trends & changes impacting HR & Financial Professionals.


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24th July 2021, Saturday

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Join our co-host Bryan Gorman (Director of Sales & Marketing) and Geoff McCuen (Director of Training & Development) as they have insightful conversations with industry experts on workforce trends & changes. 

1th July 2021, Thursday

Episode 1: HR Trends - Hindsight 2020

Join our co-host Bryan Gorman and Geoff McCuen and our guest Ruth Rekos (HR Manager, Network Solutions Inc.) as they discuss the HR Trends post 2020. They cover everything from improved HR processes to misconceptions about HR Professionals. 

15th July 2021, Thursday

Episode 2: Employee Burnout - Prevent, Manage & Overcome

Join our co-host Bryan Gorman and Geoff McCuen and our guest David Shar (President, Illuminate PMC) as they discuss everything from "The Great Resignation" to Employee Burnout reimagined. 

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