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HR allows businesses to automate core human resources processes from pre-hire to retire while keeping all employee data and information in a single database. 

The InspireHCM HR module integrates the capabilities you need to find and keep engaged and productive employees. Track the entire employee lifecycle with a platform that captures all data from the point of talent acquisition to succession planning.
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"With the Inspire HCM HR Module businesses and their HR departments can go paperless by storing all their employee data in one location, streamlining processes, and easing the administrative burden of HR. Complete with powerful reporting tools and performance insights, Inspire HR is the primary tool for managing compliance and employees."
- Mark Rutledge, President of TruPay

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Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Made Simple

Recruiters and hiring managers can source, track, and evaluate talent while providing a positive, consistent applicant experience. Employees are engaged from the very start with configurable onboarding tools and social media integration.

Compensation Management

Employee Compensation Tools

Streamline and simplify the entire compensation management process from defining guidelines and programs, to modeling and budgeting — even routing your proposals for approval. The results? Reduced administrative burdens. Improved corporate governance. More equitable distribution of rewards. And greater control over your compensation spend.

Background Checks

Background Screening Services

We know it can be challenging to attract and recruit top talent for your company. Background checks can be a smart, productive step in your hiring process. Every organization is unique, and we develop custom packages tailor-made to the specific needs of your company. Structure your background screening solutions so that you get exactly what your organization needs: dependable service, quality results, and peace of mind. Ask a TruPay representative for a list of available background screening services.

Performance Management

Performance and Productivity Tracking

Create, assign, and complete assessments based on defined criteria and automate the review cycle to reflect established processes. Alerts and reminders keep form submissions and approvals on track for more timely review completion. Even more important, it enables you to define cascading goals and track progress throughout the year — not just at annual review time — to measure how employee performance affects business outcomes and to support effective coaching and development.

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