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Drive Engagement and Compliance with Flexible Attestation Tools

As labor laws become increasingly complex, documented proof of compliance is becoming more critical. Attestation tools integrate seamlessly with our automated time and labor management solution and your existing data collection source—our InTouch® terminal or web entry—to deliver configurable workflows that capture accurate employee attestation responses in real time.


  • IMPROVES ENFORCEMENT of wage and hour policies with customizable prompts that capture pertinent attestation data
  • ENGAGES EMPLOYEES by enabling them to attest to meal or rest breaks taken and/or review and approve timesheet data via self/service features
  • EMPOWERS MANAGERS to monitor and manage employees' attestation status
  • DELIVERS A FULL AUDIT report that includes all recorded employee prompts and responses

Protect Your Organization with Attestation

Does your organization conduct regular screenings of COVID-19 signs and symptoms to protect your employees?

Value you can trust— we'll prove it.


Value you can trust— we'll prove it.

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