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August 28, 2023

When hiring new employees, businesses have a responsibility under federal law to report the new hires to the state in which the employee works. Here is everything you need to know about new hire reporting. 

How to Report New Hires

Federal New Hire Reporting Law requires businesses to report any new hires to the state in which the new employee works, within 20 days of the hiring date. Some states may require it sooner. 

What is New Hire Reporting?

New hire reporting is a rather basic process in which employers are required to provide basic information about any new employees they hire or rehire. 

Once an employer reports their new hire information to the appropriate state, the information is passed along to the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH)

The information is then used to match against child support records in order to help locate parents that owe child support. When a match is identified, an income withholding order is issued within two days.

Businesses that struggle with new hire reporting and the rest of the onboarding and recruitment process may want to reach out to a payroll and HR company about modern talent acquisition and onboarding software

Indiana New Hire Reporting

If you are based in Indiana, like us, then you'll need to know how to report new hires in Indiana. 

If your business is located elsewhere, check out these state-by-state new-hire resources

Employers in Indiana must report any new hires, as well as employees returning to work after an extended absence, to the Indiana New Hire Reporting Center within 20 days from the date of hire or re-employment.

For any employees reporting electronically, reports must be made twice monthly, no more than 16 days apart.

When it comes to new hire reporting, employers in Indiana need to know what information must be reported, how to do so, and understand the extra steps required for minors.

Indiana New Hire Reporting Requirements

Indiana employers must submit the following information for new hires or re-employed workers:

  • Employee Name
  • Employee Address
  • Employee Social Security Number
  • Employee Date of Hire
  • Employer Name
  • Employer Address
  • Employer’s Federal Identification Number (EIN)

How to Report New Hires in Indiana

Employers can report new hires online through the Indiana New Hire Reporting Center, or by using their own electronic new hire reporting system, so long as the required information is included.

Employers can also use one of the following paper methods by fax or mail:

  • New Hire Reporting Form
  • Form W-4
  • A printed list containing all of the required information using at least a 10-point font size (the employer's name, federal identification number, and address must be clearly displayed at the top of the report)

New Hire Reporting for Minors

Indiana also has special requirements for employers looking to hire minors.

Effective July 1st, 2021, employers with 5 or more minor employees must use the Indiana Youth Employment System (YES) to track and report minor-employee information.

Employers who fail to comply with this requirement for minors could face fines of up to $400 per infraction, per minor employee.

Get Help with New Hire Reporting

New hire reporting might be easier to manage compliance with than some areas of state law, but without the proper tools and partners, it can be a losing battle. 

To learn more about how TruPay is helping countless other businesses with new hire reporting, recruitment, and onboarding, contact us today. Or, check out our HR services.

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