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January 25, 2021

What threatens business continuity? For organizations worldwide, the most real and recent threat has been that of the COVID-19 pandemic. It became standard procedure to communicate the effects of crisis on our everyday practices and procedures, while outlining our prepared response to adversity. As a result, the contingency plan went from being a precautionary measure to an absolute vital component of workplace culture. With HR Managers across the globe probing for the most effective and efficient measures to protect and preserve their workforce, HCM technology has assisted many in rising to the challenges of today as well as in preparing for the future.

Have you created a business continuity plan for a natural disaster or even a cyber attack? The eBook below titled HR's Role in Business Continuity, COVID-19 and Beyond outlines suggested methods for disaster preparedness and the importance of having the right technology as well as policies in place to protect and defend your human capital and ultimately—the vitality of your business.


Read eBook: HR's Role in Business Continuity, COVID-19 and Beyond

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